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Hiring a Van vs. Hiring a Removal Company

You have found the home of your dreams and your offer has been accepted, but before you can start your new life there, you need to find the best way to get your furniture and belongings from your current address to your new home.

Deciding whether you will hire a van and move yourself or employ a professional moving company is an important decision when moving house, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Which moving process would be the most appropriate for you and your house move will depend on a number of factors, such as time, budget and the size and distance of your move.

Hiring a Van

Hiring a van is often thought of as the cheaper option when moving house, as you won’t be paying for a large removals crew and professional moving service. It is, however, important to take into consideration the costs of petrol, packing supplies and insurance when hiring a van, as these will inevitably add to the price.

Hiring a van may be the best option for you if you are flexible with time, as there will be many things to organise for your move that, ordinarily, a removal company could sort out for you at an extra cost, such as packing or dismantling furniture. If you don’t have to be out of your current property by a certain time for the buyers to move in, hiring a van will give you the opportunity for multiple journeys, and you will only have to pay for a smaller vehicle.

If you do decide to hire a van for your move, having willing volunteers to help you will be useful to ensure you get all your items loaded and moved on the same day, and you may even have some fun with it. Don’t forget, though, that not only will you owe your friends a huge favour for their assistance, their inexperience means they will be more likely to damage your belongings.

Hiring a van will not always be the most appropriate option, especially if you are moving a large volume of belongings or over a long distance. Removal companies have a practical knowledge of how to fit your items securely into a van, so you would probably need to hire a larger van size than a professional company would use – adding to your cost. It is also worth remembering that you will have to return the van to where you hired it from, so make sure you take into account the extra petrol and transport costs of getting back to your new home.

If you are considering moving yourself to save money, why not take a look at our top tips to help you save money on your move to get a professional moving service on a budget.

Hiring a Removal Company

The process of moving house is a busy time, and the removals day itself is no exception, so hiring a removal company can help to relieve some of the stress of the day.

Many people complete and move on the same day, so if speed is an important factor for your move, it is recommended you employ a professional removal company. Not only do they have the skill and experience to be able to load your belongings quickly and securely, including fragile and specialist items, they will ensure the correct sized vehicle arrives for your move, getting your items to your new home in one journey.

Having a reputable removal company taking care of your belongings will also give you the opportunity to collect keys for your new property, a task that may be difficult if you are moving yourself.

Most removal companies will offer a wide range of services to help speed up your move, and save you from doing the hard work yourself. The services they can provide usually include packing and unpacking, dismantling and assembling furniture and supplying you with packaging materials. Such services are great if speed is vital, but they often come at a premium, so may not be appropriate if you are moving on a budget.

For any move, it is important to ensure you have insurance in place to cover the removals of your items. Hiring a removal company will offer more protection for your belongings, as some insurance policies will only cover your move if your items are packed and moved by a professional company. When you receive removals quotes through, you are guaranteed a company that has the appropriate insurance in place for moving your belongings, so you can be confident of the safety of your goods.

If you hire a removal company to undertake your move you will also avoid a long drive in a vehicle you don’t have experience in driving – not to mention the exhausting physical exertion of all the heavy lifting!

Although it may seem like hiring a van is the cheaper option, by the time you have factored in the costs of van hire, insurance, petrol and appreciative beers and pizza for your helpful friends, the anticipated savings may not be as large as originally thought. Unless you are moving a short distance from a small studio flat or a furnished place, the savings you may make by hiring a van will often be outweighed by the stress caused when moving yourself.

To find the best price for a quality, skilled removal company, get quotes through to make sure your belongings get to your new home safely.


8 Tips to Save Money on your Move

Moving house is an expensive process, and by the time your moving day arrives it is good advice to save money where you can. Even if you are moving on a budget, it is still possible to have a professional and efficient move, so take a look at our top tips to help you save money on your house move.

1. Compare Quotes for Removals

Although using a removal company may seem like an unnecessary expense at a time with so many other outgoings, it is always best to hire the professionals to move your furniture and belongings. Furniture removals is a specialist skill, and when completed by someone who does not have the expertise or capability that a professional has, there will be a higher likelihood of broken items and damage to furniture – an additional expense.

By comparing multiple quotes for your removals service you can ensure that you get the best price available from a company that is trained, experienced and insured should anything not go to plan. You can compare cheap quotes from removal companies here at quotes4removals to find a price that suits your budget.

2. Avoid Peak Time

The summer months, weekends, Fridays and bank holidays are the busiest times for removal companies, so if you choose to move on one of these days you are likely to have to pay a premium. Even if you can’t avoid moving during the summer, selecting a less popular day for your removals, such as a Monday, will reduce the price of your move.

3. De-clutter

Removal companies calculate the price of your move by the volume of goods that you wish to be transported to your new home, so the less you move, the cheaper your removal service will be. De-cluttering can be a time consuming activity, so make sure that you start this in advance. If you haven’t used something in over 12 months, or it’s broken or obsolete, it’s time for it go. You may even be able to sell some items that you no longer use!

4. Get a Pre-move Survey

All professional removal companies should send a surveyor round to your property to confirm the volume of the possessions you intend to move. This allows them to provide an accurate quote and ensure they come prepared on the day. If you have reduced the volume of your belongings during your clear out, you may find that the cost of your move is less than your original quote.

Not only will getting a pre-move survey ensure they have the correct equipment and vehicle size to move your belongings safely and promptly to your new home, but they will also be able to recommend an appropriate amount of packing boxes needed – so make sure you don’t hide anything!

5. Borrow Boxes

Asking if your removal company can lend you packing boxes is another great way to save money. Although you could collect boxes from supermarkets, when you get boxes from your removals firm you can be confident that they are a good standard and specifically constructed for house removals. It will also take away the task of finding somewhere to get rid of them once you have moved, as most removal companies will retrieve them from your home.

Another good way to be economical with your packaging materials is to use towels and blankets to protect your items. Not only will this save money on purchasing paper or bubble wrap, but it will also save you the space where your towels and blankets would have been packed.

6. Do Your Own Packing

Many removal companies offer their customers a packing service, but packing your belongings yourself is an effective way to save money on your move. It is recommended that you ask your moving firm for tips on how to safely pack your items – they will be able to offer you expert and knowledgeable advice.

If you are concerned about valuable or breakable items and do not wish to pack these yourself, your removal firm may be able to provide you with a fragile packing service. Although this would add to the cost of your move, it will still be cheaper than requesting a full packing service and you can have the peace of mind that your most precious items will be safe.

7. Dismantle Your Own Furniture

In addition to packing your own belongings, dismantling and reassembling your flat pack furniture will save you money on your removals. Dismantling flat pack furniture will not usually need more than a screwdriver or an allen key, and the assembly guidelines that have been hidden away in a draw. Your removal company will also be able to advise you on this process.

8. Be Organised

Some removal companies charge by the hour, so being organised in the run up to your moving day may save you some added costs. Make sure that parking permits where required and the key collection has been sorted out in advance to reduce hold ups on the day. You should also clear any pathways that the removal companies will be using and ensure your belongings are fully packed before the firm arrives.

Organisation during your move will allow you to keep on top of your outgoings at this time to ensure you do not go over your budget.


How to speed up your moving day

It is no secret that moving house can be a challenging and demanding experience, so it is important to do all you can in the run up to your move to ensure the big day goes to plan and runs to schedule.

Good preparation is invaluable when moving house as there are many things that need to be considered and undertaken during this time, so we have listed nine vital tips to help you to have a smooth, quick moving day.

Organise parking

If there are any parking regulations surrounding your current and your new property make sure you arrange for the necessary permits and notify the appropriate authorities. Your removals company will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the length of time they will be at both properties.

It may also be a good idea to let your neighbours know when you will be moving and where the removals van will be parked to ensure that the space will be available when they arrive so they can begin on time.

Use a professional removals company

Using a professional and experienced removals company for your move will be the difference between a straight-forward, smooth moving day and a frantic day filled with stress. When you get quotes for your removals through quotes4removals you’ll be put in contact with credit checked, Ombudsman regulated firms that you can be confident will provide a quick and efficient move.

It is important that you have a strong level of trust with the company that will be conducting your house move, as they are the ones that will be transporting all of your belongings, so compare quotes from quotes4removals to make sure that you appoint a reliable firm.

Organise key collection

Having a set time to collect the keys to your new property in advance of your removals team arriving will allow for the loading and unloading of your belongings to begin promptly. It will also ensure that you are on hand at both addresses to answer any questions.

If possible, it would be more beneficial to collect the keys to your new home before your moving day for the peace of mind that this is one less thing to do on the day.

Request a pre-move visit

For a timely moving day, a pre-move visit from your removals company will help considerably, as it will allow for them to see if there are any issues with access at your property and prepare accordingly.

A pre-move visit of your current property provides an opportunity for them to assess the volume of your furniture and belongings to ensure they use the appropriate size of vehicle for your move – so don’t hide anything!

Use a Moving Checklist

It is important that, in the weeks before your move, everything runs to schedule. A Moving Checklist will help to make sure that you complete all the tasks that are necessary during the moving process, and on the day of your move, in sufficient time.

You can find our helpful Moving Checklist here to use as a point of reference during your move so that, by the time the big day comes, you will have completed all you needed to do and you can focus on the move.

Have all belongings packed

A common mistake when moving house is not leaving enough time to pack all of your belongings before the moving day. It is easy to misjudge how much you own, so it is important to start packing early to reduce the likelihood of starting late and making your removals company wait.

Many removals companies offer a packing service for their customers which can be completed before the day of your move. Not only will this save a substantial amount of time and stress, but it will also ensure your items have been safely packed by professionals.

Create a coding system

A coding system when packing your boxes will make the removals team aware of which rooms the boxes are to be placed in your new home – speeding up the moving process. It will also help to make the unpacking a less laborious task.

A colour code can be a useful way of labelling your boxes and the rooms in your new home, as from first glance it will be evident which room the box is meant for. You can find further packing tips here.

Clear pathways

There is enough stress to contend with on your moving day without having to worry about any injuries or dropped furniture due to trips or slips. Not only will a clear path for the removals team reduce the chance of breakages, but it will also ensure the loading and unloading process will be swift and speedy.

Make sure that the pathways from your current house and your new house to the removals van is clear of any obstacles or debris. If there has been any extreme weather, such as snow or ice, shovel and salt all pathways and steps that will be used by the removals team when transporting your belongings.

Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit

On a day where emotions will be running high, it is important to make sure you have all the supplies you and your family need close by to stay well fed, hydrated and comfortable in your Moving Day Survival Kit. This will help you to remain productive throughout the day.

Don’t forget to pack extra tea bags and coffee for your hard-working removals team!


Moving House in London during the Olympics


It’s been a busy summer of sport so far and the biggest event of the lot is nearly here. The Olympic Games start on the 27th July and run up until the 12th August 2012. There is then only a two week gap before the Paralympics starts, and they will run up until the 9th September. London is the epicentre of the games so moving house in and around these dates is going to be tough, but with the right removals company, not impossible. 

The Olympics present a challenge to people looking to move home within London and surrounding areas. Many roads around the games venues are being closed off and permits are required in a number of high security areas. An estimated 5 million visitors will be converging on London during the games so getting around and parking will be tricky.

So what to do if you need to move during this period: 

·         Start by getting prepared. Identify the hotspots and try to work out a route that avoids them. Your local removals firm will have great knowledge of the roads so it may be worth chatting to them about alternative routes. They will probably have identified problematic postcode areas and can highlight these for you.


·         Check the local media for traffic reports. The London Borough councils have evolving traffic plans to attempt to keep visitors and locals flowing around the capital. Do your best to stay abreast of these plans so you know what’s going on come removals day – and remember to check the situation in both your current location and the place you are moving too.


·         Try to ascertain the parking situation. The extra pressures on the roads may mean a more difficult pick up or delivery. You may need to speak to your removals firm to request a smaller vehicle if parking is tight.


·         If you are based very close, or moving near to, an Olympic venue you will need to check if a permit is required. Your removals company may be aware of this but a resident is likely to be able to arrange and receive the permit quicker.


·         You may want to consider placing your items in storage until after the Olympics. If the place you are moving to has really difficult access due to the games then it maybe best speaking with your moving team about arranging storage. All good London removals firms have access to secure storage.


·         Remember its party time! There are over 550 Olympic street parties being planned. Make sure you avoid these designated areas. The local councils can inform you of what is planned. has a great panel of London removals firms. They are experienced movers and will manage resources in anticipation of the challenges associated with the Olympics. Get a quote today and speak to our removals partners and get your move completed as smoothly as possible. 



Moving Abroad Checklist 


Moving house can be a very stressful experience, especially when it includes moving to another country. Bishop's Move created a moving abroad checklist which includes essential things to remember when moving abroad to make sure that everything is covered before you leave.


First things to remember

•             Confirm your moving date as far in advance as possible, and don’t forget to book your flights.

•             Make a list of the items you are bringing with you and those you are leaving behind

•             Get in touch with your removal company regarding packing materials, international shipping and storage.

•             Ensure your passport is up to date, apply for any required visas or permits

•             Arrange for any necessary vaccinations

•             Close or transfer any bank accounts

•             Inquire about insurance – travel insurance during your trip but also have a look around to see what policies are available in your country of destination.

•             Gather copies of your medical records

•             If you own a driving license, then make sure that your license will be valid.

•             If you are bringing your car with you, ask with your removal company to organise any required vehicle export documentation. Ensure your car insurance is valid.


Often forgotten

•             Arrange to have your mail redirected

•             Clear out your garage, attic and shed, if you own any

•             Ensure that all water, electricity and gas meters are read on moving day

•             Have your phone disconnected

•             Arrange your bills to be forwarded to your new address

•             Inquire about your tax position in your country of destination

•             Terminate any club or association membership and don’t forget to inform doctors, dentists, etc. about your leaving

•             Don’t forget to empty & defrost your fridge and freezer

•             Keep photocopies of your personal documents somewhere safe


Last minute

•             Obtain the necessary foreign currency ready to use upon arrival

•             Arrange for professional movers to help you with the packing of furniture and belongings

•             Keep your personal documents, medicines and any valuables close to you for the journey

•             Pack a suitcase with items you might need on arrival

•             Make a final check of your luggage to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything

•             Double check if all your items you wish to bring with you are inside the removal van before leaving.


Follow this list of things to remember when moving abroad and have a look at any other information online about International Removals and moving abroad if you aren’t sure yet.